What’s The Difference?

A common misconception is that event planning and event management are the same. They are very similar, but not equal. So for my last two topics I researched the responsibilities of each.

First I will explain the responsibilities of event planning. Event planners select an overall theme, develop a budget, select a venue, negotiate hotel contracts, coordinate outside vendors, plan the menu, coordinate caterers, develop a parking plan, arrange the entertainment or keynote speakers, coordinate transportation, choose a color scheme, and develop invitations. Event managers are very similar, they reserve the location, hire the vendors, oversee the budget, create emergency plans, ensure compliance with with health and safety standards, manage the staff, oversee execution, monitor the event, and resolve situations on site. The two may overlap in functions in some ways, but it is important to remember that they are very different (Moyles, n.d.).

Event Planner

Event planners meet with the client to map out their vision and discuss budgets and how they want their event to go, although planning usually means beginning, planners can stick around for weeks after the event to wrap up details and follow-up with various items.


Event managers create, coordinate, and obviously manage all of the different components of the event as well as the teams of staff that are involved in helping with the event. I sat in on a wedding for Big Cork Vineyards so that I could see how running an event went. When I arrived on-site the event manager for the vineyard had a plan of sorts that had directions for every person and what their responsibility was (Woodward, (n.d.).

Event Management

For example, the bride and groom did not want alcohol served before the ceremony so there was a note for the bartenders that said what the bride and groom requested and what to say to their guests. The plan also had where all the tables were supposed to be and how many seats and what the tables were to be used for. Another important note was that it included what time the caterers were to show up and what time every responsibility was to be completed by.

It is important for my readers to know the difference between the two so that they know what end of the spectrum they want to be and so that if they are ever faced with a client who thinks they need a manager but really needs a planner they know what to do. They could potentially still take on the client, but they would need to know the responsibilities of that job.


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